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Toby Baker | Perry Le Compton Senior Photographer | Class of 2018 I had the awesome opportunity to be the senior photographer for Toby. It is not all that often that I actually have a senior guy reach out directly about his senior pictures. Toby is an exception. Not only did he contact me initially, […]

Personal Branding + Modern Portrait Photography with Trisha Nicole Personal Branding photography and Modern Portraiture tend to go hand in hand, especially when working with Influencers. I had the awesome opportunity to work with Trisha Nicole and create some amazing portraits in my studio space. Together we created images she can use for her social […]

Carly Cobden | Raytown High School  Senior Photographer | Class of 2018 I love getting to be a senior photographer. This post features my session with Carly Cobden from Raytown High School. We traveled down to the Crossroads District in Kansas City. This area is basically one big backdrop. It is the perfect type of […]