Is your profile image a professional headshot or a selfie?

Let me start by saying, a professional headshot is greater than a selfie.

You have heard it said over and over that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. More and more that first impression is happening online, in a social environment. It is worth your time to properly invest in how your headshot impacts your bottom line.

Headshot Photography Kansas City

What does your profile image say about you? Is it a selfie or a cell phone shot? Your brand is only as strong as what the public sees and your first impression is your profile image. Let me ask you again, what does your profile image say about you? If you were looking to hire someone or contract a service and your current profile picture was the first thing you saw, would you reconsider hiring that person?

If you answered yes, or even paused for a moment to think about the image you use, it is time to find a headshot photographer and invest in a new “face” for your personal brand. You may not think you have a personal brand. I say, if you have a presence on social media, you have a personal brand. You may question what a personal brand is. Wikipedia says, “Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. It is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization.” So how are you establishing your brand? Are you making a solid first impression?

If you are in the market and ready to invest in making the best first impression, I would love the opportunity to help you. You can go to my website to see my work. Or if you are ready to book right now, just click here.

No matter whom you choose as your photographer, take the time to put your best image forward. Strengthen your brand on the front end and show your clients, prospects, future employers, the confident and awesome person you are.

Headshot Photography Kansas City Headshot Photography Kansas City Headshot Photography Kansas City

There is a great article on The Huffington Post about the benefits of investing in professional headshots each year. You can find it here.

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